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Not as serious as it sounds.

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psychodynamic asked: 48, 17, 70. :3 

48: Oh that’s hard!! I think Hot Chocolate has a wider appeal to me in all seasons, but I loooove hot apple cider in the fall. It’s just a very fall beverage to me— I only really drink it in the fall because of that though…. But now I want some. :|a

17. At 12:30 today, I was working on the massive pile of dishes in my sink while suffering from a horrible period cramp that made me want to cry and vomit all at once. Between the pain and the smell of two-week old dishes I almost did vomit. It was… not the best day. >.>

70. My favorite dream? Hm. I assume it means dreams I have at night, since 71 is favorite daydream. I don’t really have recurring dreams though?? Sometimes I have fandom crossover dreams that are pretty cracked out and amazing though?